Quiz Universe: The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz

Got a brain like a sponge that soaks up information? Now’s the time to prove it! Our Quiz Masters have curated a challenge bursting at the seams with questions that will test your know-how across every subject imaginable. From ancient history and world geography to pop-culture moments and the latest trends, we’ll put your general knowledge to the ultimate test.

Whether you’re still in school or ready to retire, this quiz covers such a wealth of topics that age truly doesn’t matter. You don’t need the IQ of Hawking or the brain of Einstein, but rather a good sprinkling of general knowledge, wits, and luck to defeat our Quiz Masters and claim that much coveted high score. Are you up for the challenge?

General Knowledge

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How to play:

Not sure which artist painted the Mona Lisa or what the Canadian flag looks like? No problem! Our multiple-choice questions make these unknowns that little bit easier and aide you in the process of elimination.

General Knowledge

To make things a little more interesting, our Quiz Masters have also concocted two types of question formats: text-based and image-based. For our text-based questions you simply need to read the question carefully and then select the correct answer from the options provided. Easy right? For the image-based questions, you will be provided with an image (or multiple images) and will need to identify who, what, or where is being shown.

Once you have answered each question, our system will immediately calculate your score and reveal whether or not you really do soak up information like a sponge…or whether your brain is just a bit squishy. Good luck!

General Knowledge

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About the gameplay

Our quizzes and games can be played anytime, anywhere. Providing you have a stable internet connection, you can choose to play on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We recommend playing each quiz or game in one go to ensure your answers and result are calculated accurately.

General Knowledge

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